Kindergarten Curriculum

The kindergarten curriculum is planned across the areas of learning and experience and is based on the children’s interests and learning needs. The purpose of the program is to establish a strong foundation for learning in the early years and to do so in a safe and caring academic-based environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of all children.

The learning environment of our new Kindergarten is set up in a way that is comfortable, safe and to stimulate children to learn and explore. We believe in creating emphatic and positive classroom atmosphere and throughout the day encourage our little kindergarteners to become interested in trying new things and develop their self-confidence.

Health and safety are our prime concerns. The key components (space, time, resources) of learning environment is well planned and carefully organized for play-based learning. Through well planned educational Kindergarten program with the cross-curricular and play based approach, every child can reach his/her full potential and gain the foundation for further learning experiences.

Children are always making connections with the world around them. Living and learning are inseparable. They have a natural desire to explore, manipulate and discover. When they are engaged in a child-centered classroom, children develop problem-solving abilities which are helping them to become competent, creative, and critical thinkers.

Throughout Kindergarten day, all activities are going to be play-based because play is the foundation of all language learning experiences. During the free play, teachers observe children and motivate them to use English language.

Play enables children to:

 -Extend language and literacy skills

     -Expand social and cultural understanding

     -Express personal thoughts and feelings

     -Encounter and solve real problems

    -Learn to consider and listen to the ideas of others

    -Make sense of their world