School Supplies

        All students are required to maintain and carry with them the correct materials to class:

     1.    Notebook/Paper (loose-leaf)

     2.    Pencils(Pencil sharpener) and Blank or Blue pens

     3.    Ruler (metric or inch ruler)

     4.    Calculator

     5.    Additional supplies as specified by teachers.


Classroom Conduct

        It is the goal of Paññāsāstra International School to provide a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and to offer opportunities in which students may realize their full academic potential. Therefore, it is expected that all student will:

1.    Enter and exit the classroom in a quiet and orderly manner.

2.    Be in seats and ready to work when the bell rings.

3.    Be prepared with a textbook, pencil/pens, notebook, and paper at all times.

4.    Follow all directions of the classroom teacher and other school staff; obey the rules and requlations of each classroom.

5.    Complete work assigned and make up work missed due to absense.

6.    Attend class on time every day unless ill or with request for permission by parents or legal guardian.

7.    Demonstrate acceptable behavior in the classroom – avoid distubing others, cheating on tests, peeping, asking or talking.

8.    Use bathroom facilities before extraordinary circumstances.

9.    Turn off cell phone or beeper during class session.

Compus Conduct

        Paññāsāstra International School is a community of students, teachers and staff gathered for the purpose of formal learning, whereby each one has self respect and respect respect, others, and school peroperty. Therefore, all students are expected to:

1.    Show respect for our country and its symbols. This means participating in apporpriate national and patriotic activities as required by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports.

2.    Demonstrate acceptable behavior on the school ground and on the way to and from school.

3.    Comply with the school dress code.

4.    Be honest, coureous, respectful, and show good manners.

5.    Obey direction for sitting, conduct, and dismissal assemblies.

6.    Move quickly in an orderly manner throughout the campus.

7.    Maintain the standards of Paññāsāstra International School when not under the direct supervision of a teacher or supervisor or when attending school function off compus.

Student will not at any time:

1.    Leave compus during school unless accompanied by a parent or guardian and cleared through the Attendance Office.

2.    Chew gum on campus

3.    Loiter on or near the school ground

4.    Use “graffitist” on any personal and school items such as tables, chairs, walls, bathroom, etc.

5.    Climb trees, fences, or building.

6.    Show inappropriate display of affection.

7.    Gamble. Any form waging or betting for money or items is against school rules.

8.    Bring any form of electronic device that would cause a disturbance in the classroom/campus

9.    Litter. Students will eat food in assigned area or canteen only and help maintain a clean campus by putting all trash in the proper containers.

10.    Use profane or vulgar language or make obscene or suggestive gestures.

11.    Cheat, forge signature, or copy other student’s work.

12.    Push, hit, kick, wrestle, throw rocks or other objects to each other, or tease each other in disrespectful manner.

13.    Deface damage, destroy, or steal property.

14.    Make any threat to commit, attempt to commit, or commit any physical violence against school personnel or other students.

15.    Use, posses, or distribute tobacco, “look-alike” drugs, any or intoxicant, or other contraband on the school campus or at times when under the jurisdiction of the school.

16.    Possess or use lethal weapons (including knives), anything that poppers, fireworks or strink bombs.

17.    Firearms are strictly prohibited.


        Tutoring availablility is determined on first-come first-served basic and priority is given to student who are working on class assignments.

Dress Code Policy

        The purpose of the school dress code policy is to:

– Protect the health and safety of the students

– Promote good hygience

– Enable student to concentrate on their school works

– Reflect community standard in schools

        Students are expeted to wear appropriate clothing the is clean, properly fitted, and allow them to participate in any school activity.

        Parents are asked to check their children’s clothing before they leave home, and to encourage their children’to dress for success. Each student’s appearance should reflect a positive imageof the school and contribute to a safe and distraction-free learning environment.

1.    Hair – Hair is to be well groomed, clean, out of the eyes and natural color. Boy’s hair length is to be no longer than the collar.

2. Accessories- Accessories must be in good taste. Only girls should have pierced ears (one earring per ear).

3. Shoes- Stuents should wear comforable shoes or sneakers. Shoes much have a closed toe and heel for safety reasons. No colored shoes laces.

4. Hats- No type of hat is to be worn on campus. Exceptions would be a cap or hat that is part of a uniform at a school activity, such as a hat worn for sports purpose.

5. Belts and Hems- All pants or shorts much be hemmed or cuffed at the bottom. Belts must fit wiithout end dangling. Belts are required for all pants, short and skirts that are made with belt loops. Chains may not be worn or used as belts.

6. Make-up and Nails for Girls – Girls may wear make-up that is lightly applied and has a natural looking appearance. Nails should be short, clean, natural, and modest in color.

Specific Restrictions

1. Hair- Any gang-related hairstyles are prohibited.

2. Accessories- Excessive jewelry or accessories including wallet chain, are prohibited. Body pierce jewelry is strictly prohibited. Body tattoos are not permitted.

3. Shoes-No heels, platforms, sandals, or high boots are allowed.

4. Grooming Items-All personal-grooming items (i.e. make-up, hair brushes, and contact lenses) should not be shared or taken out during class.

5. Glasses- Sunglasses are not to be worn at school.

6. Appropriate Clothing-Students are not to wear clothing that is tight, oversized, revealing, sagging, or very short (spandex shorts), mini-skirts, tank tops, tops with spaghtti straps, sleeveless tops that are revealing, backless apparel, deliberately cut or torn garments, or midriff tops. (Midriff tops are those that reveal bare skin when both arms are raised straight overhead). No halter-tops or crop-tops. Gang-related apparel, sporting and out door clothing are also prohibited.