Dress Code Policy

Students are expected to wear uniform and groom appropriately or in such a manner cleaner and neat. Parents are asked to check their children’s uniform before they leave home, and to encourage them to dress for success.


Shirt:      Solid white shirt with a Checkers black and white collar and short or long sleeves (must be tucked in).

Pants:    Solid black. Pants must be hemmed and fitted well. No excessively baggy pants or Jeans.


Blouse:  Pink with a collar and short sleeves. Fasten PSIS logo in the front (upper-left side) of the blouse

(See Model). Under blouse must be pink or while.

Skirt:      Checkers black and white skirt. Half-knees (See Model)

HAIR: Hair is to be well groomed with natural color. Boy’s hair length is to be no longer than the collar. Any gang-related hairstyles are prohibited.

SHOES: Students should wear comfortable shoes with closed toes and heel for safety reasons. No heels, platforms, sandals, or high boots are allowed.

HAT: No type of cap or hat is to be worn on campus; Exceptions would be a cap or hat that is part of a uniform at school activity, such as a hat worn for sport purposes.

BELT: Belts are required for all pants and skirts that are made with belt loops.

GLASSES: Sunglasses are not to be worn at school.


Accessories must be in good taste. Noisy, distracting, or expensive jewelry or accessories are prohibited. Body tattoos are not permitted.


Girls may be make-up that is lightly applied and has a natural looking appearance. Nails should be clean, short, natural, and modest in color.