Paññāsāstra international school – MAIN CAMPUS

  Respected Parents and Guardians:

Welcome to Paññāsāstra International School (PSIS), one of the finest schools in Cambodia.

Congratulations on making the right decision in sending your beloved son/daughter to Paññāsāstra International School for this new school year.

Paññāsāstra International School is strongly committed to high quality education by implementing up-to-date academic programs with strong disciplines, character building, and moral conduct. These values ultimately ensure high achievement, academic success, and happiness in life.

We hope all students will take off with a great start and have successful academic years ahead.

For beginners, it will be their first year at Paññāsāstra International School Junior and Senior High school, and there is the unusual excitement. They will quickly adjust by carefully listening to the instructions of their respective teachers.

For Senior High School students (10-12 graders), it will be an even more challenging and eventful year as they move to a higher level of expectation and achievement. Paññāsāstra International School strives to provide excellent college preparatory programs to Senior High school students (10th, 11th, and 12th graders).

Paññāsāstra International School staff and faculty members are here to assist each student in classroom and in extra-curricular activities so he/she can reach his/her full potential. We are providing each student with constructive schedules and excellent student service programs. All class and homework assignments are properly recorded. We ask you, parents and/or guardians, to check your child’s schedule and his or her homework on a regular basis to see that your child is well organized and prepared for next class.

We humbly wish to have your special attention to assist your children in planning for a college or higher education. We also have education counselor to advise students according to their special talents.

We will be in regular contact with you throughout the rest of the school year and we look forward to working with you.

Respectfully and Dharma,

Kol Pheng Ph.D.

PUC & PSIS Founder and President