Paññāsāstra International School’s Junior High programs address the concerns of Junior High students and parents by providing an opportunity for continued academic growth, extra-curricular exploration, social interaction and character building.

     The learning perspective of Paññāsāstra International School is to offer a balanced academic curriculum, providing an environment where learning flourishes, while expanding the minds of our students.

     Our Junior High curriculum is equipped with academic fundamentals, providing students with critical thinking skills and sound study habits that will enable them to succeed in High School. Core subjects fully meet the national curriculum requirements. Fine art courses awaken students’ creativity and vision.

     Paññāsāstra International School’s Senior High programs encourage students to explore the depth of their intellectual, physical, emotional and social potential. Our team of administrators, teachers, and counselors are committed to the success of all students.

     Our college preparatory curriculum provides learning opportunities through comprehensive core subjects, a strong emphasis on reading and research and an exhaustive array of elective coursework. Students may choose from College Preparatory or National and International Baccalaureate (NIB) classes in planning a course of study. College Preparatory courses are designed to familiarize students with the contents, teaching techniques and study expectations present in the college classroom. National and International Baccalaureate candidates participate in a rigorous pre-university course of study.